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Learn to play the guitar like a pro with Al Wreaves Guitar Lessons! With decades of experience as a guitar teacher and professional musician, Al has helped hundreds of students of all ages unlock their inner guitar hero. To top it off, Al has played on and written songs with over 30 million streams worldwide, runs his own record label with some of the UK’s finest independent artists, and has performed at some of London’s best venues including Ronnie Scott’s, The Jazz Cafe & Pizza Express Live. Try out your first lesson for free and see what Al can do for you! Al offers in person lessons at his home studio in Croydon UK, as well as online lessons via Zoom for students who live further afield or abroad.

Lesson Topics

Lesson Topics

Al Wreaves Guitar Lessons offers tailored one-on-one instruction for all ages and skill levels, allowing each student to reach their own goals and maximise their learning. Based on the student's interests, a combination of the following areas will result in the most progress in their guitar playing:

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Learning real music from your favourite artists & guitarists - songs, guitar solos, riffs, melodies, grade pieces... At least 80% of your practice time should be spent learning and building a repertoire of music you can play from memory.

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Technique, chords & scales, fretboard knowledge, ear training, music theory, reading music...Although not compulsory, having a solid foundation in some of these fundamental areas will greatly improve your guitar playing and all round musicianship.



Writing your own music (songs, riffs, solos, chord progressions), improvising, exploring guitar effects & sounds (amps, pedals, plugins etc). Taking what you've already learnt and being creative with it is one of the best ways to develop as a musician and break outside the box.

Al is truly a phenomenal teacher. I had been playing for several years before starting lessons, but I wasn't happy with my lack of progress and ability despite receiving lessons in the past. I contacted several local teachers, and Al was the only tutor to get back to me immediately. He set up an introductory phone call for us to speak and we then explored where I wanted to go with my playing. This was extremely important to me as I could tell that Al genuinely cared about my goals and aspirations as a guitar player. After meeting for the first time, Al assessed my ability and carefully devised a structured plan for improving my playing and achieving my goals. This was a very personalised service and one I have not encountered anywhere else before. Al is extremely down-to-earth and humble in our lessons. He is a truly outstanding guitar player and has a very broad knowledge of music theory. Rather than being pinned down to a single genre like other tutors I have worked with, Al is extremely eclectic with his playing and has mastered many different styles of music. I have seen this many times during our in-lesson jam sessions. Whilst working with Al, I have found that I enjoy playing a lot more than I used to. This is likely down to the manner in which Al teaches his students. During lessons, Al makes sure to include music that I like listening to and this makes our time together much more fun and fresh. Al breaks each lesson down into several distinct parts - which allows students to focus on areas that need immediate improvement. He sends a detailed lesson plan after each session by email and this has helped me to focus my attention on things I need to practice at home. Each of my lessons have been tailored to my needs as a player, and if I ever need help at home, Al is always on-hand to promptly respond to me. Overall, Al is just an all-round great guy and an amazing teacher. He is committed to helping students achieve thier musical goals, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him whatsoever. My playing has improved almost immediately after starting with Al and I am very grateful for the time and effort that he has put into my lessons . If you are looking for a guitar teacher, Al is the way to go.

Aaron Reekie


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If you have any questions about my lessons or want to discuss how I can help you improve your guitar playing, why not book a free 30 minute consultation lesson with me? We'll talk about your musical goals, what you're struggling with, and how I can help you achieve your musical ambitions. I'll then be able to create a tailor-made practice plan to suit your needs and get you on your way to becoming a better guitar player - I'm here to help you become the guitarist you want to be! Just fill in the form below and I'll be in touch to book in your free session. Thanks! Al 

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